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It was clear to us that a diet calculator is definitely not enough. Therefore, we decided in 2011 to create an advanced and, at the same time, easy-to-use tool that would significantly simplify the arrangement of balanced menus. We redeveloped the software completely and changed its graphic design in 2018 to make it even easier, quicker and functional.

Since then, we have been continuously updating, perfecting and modernising our diet calculator by enhancing it with useful, thought-out and highly practical functionalities. All with the goal of providing the Users with exactly what they need.

This is how we accomplished our mission and our vision – by ensuring support and assistance to all specialists professionally engaged in nutrition and who are dealing with dietotherapy and dietary prophylaxis.

How did we achieve this?

Diet calculator > calorie calculator

Solutions designed by real needs

All functionalities and user control panel of the diet calculator were designed in keeping with true needs of the specialists. This is why our system is so much more than just a calorie calculator, as it enables easy, instant and intuitive creation of personalized and balanced dietary programs.

Menu arrangement program

Optimal solutions as a standard

Our priority is to provide real benefits for the Users, therefore we:
  • analyse in depth the existing needs
  • are open to any suggestions
  • turn problems into practical solutions
  • take all opinions into account
and thus we:
  • help define the nutrition problems and establish goals
  • minimize risk of nutrition mistakes being made
  • ensure time is saved though process automation
  • help you create and maintain professional image

Better work delivered by the users means more health

We believe that efficient nutrition programs translate into better physical fitness, improved wellbeing and healthier life of the patients. It makes us proud that our diet calculator is such a useful tool in the hands of specialists.

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