DIETally menu arrangement software – reviews

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DIETally is a professional diet calculator software for menu arrangement and analysis. It is easy and intuitive to use, allowing you to maintain patient files, create your own product and dish databases and print out individual menus – all this facilitates the work of a dietitian in a significant way. With the option to mark products and dishes to be excluded from the diet, the program allows for setting diet recommendations that include individual preferences of the patient. Another advantage of the software consists in frequent updates that implement suggestions and comments from persons using the program; with the ongoing improvement, the software became for me a necessary tool to be used in my work as a dietitian.


DIETally is very helpful and offers a wide variety of different options. It makes work of a dietitian so much easier. The most important thing: in case of any doubts or questions, you can always count on a prompt reply. I can recommend DIETally with a good conscience.


I first encountered DIETally when I studied for my degree as a demo version, together with other diet calculator softwares available on the market. I made a quick decision to purchase a full version, because it was easy to use, offered an excellent product database, superb data archiving and storage system, as well as simple communication with spreadsheets.
You can easily analyse the patient’s diet so far, present the results, indicate diet deficits and create a menu based on the information. DIETally is very functional and useful in everyday work of a dietitian, and provides many prompts, which accelerates the tedious work involved in arranging a properly balanced diet. I recommend it!


First of all, DIETally is easy to use, and in result makes menu arrangement quick and simple; searching for specific products goes very smoothly. Additionally, the option to add own products is a great plus, since after a while of working with the software you are able to create a unique and very extensive product database. In the end, the final result, i.e. the printout version for the patient is very clear and neat visually.


DIETally has made my work at the diet counseling center so much easier. The software includes all the necessary parameters required for menu arrangement. It is possible to enter patient’s data, apply norms according to Jarosz, take advantage of prompts on the sources of vitamins and minerals or use a specific day or part of the diet for another patient. DIETally is intuitive and easy to use, so there will be no problems even for persons with no previous experience with this type of programs. I recommend the product.


Ever since I use DIETally arranging menus is much simpler, and that’s why I would recommend it to any dietitian.


DIETally offers a menu overview covering several days, which is very helpful, especially for mass catering establishments.